Face Mask For Beginner

This is a great face mask for a beginner!

After scouring the internet for the best materials to make your own face mask, I have made a quick and easy DIY face mask with materials that I had on hand (I’m sure many of you do too).

This is a hand sewn mask that is easy to do even if you are not a sewer. You do not need a sewing machine to make this and I found it very easy with a great result. The end face mask is comfortable, breathable and based on the best research I could find.

I have another sewn 3 layer mask using your sewing machine HERE.

Another sewing version with a filter pocket and nose guard is HERE.

I also have a crochet face mask pattern with lining post HERE.

I have another version of the crochet mask with a pocket lining to change filters HERE.

The materials I chose are based on the findings from the University of Cambridge which show what materials held up best against airborne particles smaller than the coronavirus, then compared that to a surgical mask. Their results concluded that “the homemade cotton masks captured 71% of 0.65-1.1 micron particles, compared with 86% for the surgical mask.”

Bottom line, the data shows that something is better than nothing.

Full disclosure: I am not a medical expert. I am just sharing my findings and what I am making for my family. This is not meant to replace a surgical mask but something you can make at home as a last resort when you have nothing else. I would wash your mask after every use.


-100% cotton fabric (or whatever fabric you choose)

– Pillow case for lining (or whatever fabric you choose)

– Bendable wire

-Sewing needle, scissors

-Threading floss or thread (I used threading floss as it is stronger)


-Sewing pins



First start by cutting out your fabric with this pattern from craftpassion. This is a great template but I sewed mine a little differently to make inserting a filter easier and wearing it more comfortable.

Cut out 2 fabric pieces for the main fabric and 2 fabric pieces for the lining. Give yourself a 1/4 inch seam allowance around the size you choose and 1 inch seam allowance at the ear with the main fabric. Cut along the exact template with no seam allowance for the lining. With wrong sides facing each other sew down the then center of the mask. Use pins to keep fabric in place if you need to.


Iron both fabrics flat and place the lining on the wrong side of the fabric. Start at the bottom right hand side and sew up the side across the top and down the other side.

Fold the lining on the bottom under about a 1/4″ and sew across. Iron down before sewing if you need to.

Fold the bottom material up about 1/4″ and sew across the bottom. Iron down before sewing if you need to.

Cut a 4″ (adult/teenage size), 3″ (child size) piece of bendable wire. Insert the middle at the top of the face mask under the lining. Sew around the wire to mask.

Cut your elastic 31″ for an adult/teenage and 28″ for child size. Knot ends together. Fold over the sides of the mask over the elastic (make sure knotted end is inside one of the sides. Sew down the sides, careful not to sew elastic.

You’re done! You can add additional filters in the pocket of the lining. I cut some paper towel up and inserted it as another layer of protection. Put the face mask on with the top part of the elastic above your ears and the other below for a comfortable fit.

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