Fringe Barefoot Sandals

Fringe Barefoot Sandals

These fringe barefoot sandals are fast to work up and really cute! With a basic design and some added fringe these pretty creations are ready for the beach!

You can customize to fit any size foot, this would be really cute for toddlers/children too!

This is a good beginners project as you only need to know some basic crochet skills (chain, single crochet).

Below is the free pattern!


  • About 2 oz of mercerized cotton, I used Sinfonia mercerized cotton in “Mandarina.” 
  • 2 small buttons

  • G hook
  • Threading floss

  • Sewing needle, large enough head for yarn to thread through

  • Sharp scissors

The Pattern:

Ch 12, sl st to join, leave a little bit of a tail (about 2 inches).

Ch 55 (ch the tail up with you as you go to add more security), sl st in 5th chain from the hk (this is the button hole, you can adjust for whatever size button you are using).

       ***Check to see if this is the right length for you by placing the large hole over your toe and wrapping the chains you just made around your ankle, meeting the front where you would place a button. You may need to make more or less chains based on the size of your foot and what is most comfortable for you.***

Sew button 14 ch up from the sl st you made at the toe, or whatever ch is most comfortable for you.

Continue to sc in each st to the button, go under the button and sc back. Sl st around the small button hole you made.

Sl st once more in the first sc and fasten off, weave in end.

Now add the fringe!

Cut approx. 6″ long pieces to go along the bottom of the sc row from the button to the button hole. Insert your hk into each sc st, pull up a loop, ch over your yarn and pull through. Trim the fringe to desired length, mine is 1.5″.

That’s it! You’re done! Enjoy!

**As a side note, I wear a size 8 shoe. The amount of chains worked great for me but you may need to add more or less chains depending on your shoe size. It is very easy to adjust!**


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  1. Super cool,I was just thinking of doing such a project because I just bought a pair of jeans that are opened at the front lower leg. They need cute ankle decor.

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