Simple Crochet Chain necklace

Simple Crochet Chain Necklace 


Create this gorgeous two-length chain necklace with this easy to follow pattern.

This pattern uses chains and slip stitches to create a beautiful piece that fits right over your head.

Beginner friendly!

The free pattern is listed below.



  • Size F hook
  • Light weight (3) yarn, I used Vanna Gamour
  • Blunt needle


ch- chain

sl st- slip stitch


Be careful to keep either side of the chain loop on it’s correct side so there is always the same number of chain loops on each side.

I keep one hand in the big loop while I chain with the other so I don’t mix or twist any of the chain loops.


The Pattern:

Ch 90

Row 1: Sl st in end ch to form a ring (careful to keep chains straight), *ch 90, sl st into end ch (always the same chain)*, repeat from * around for 6 more rows.

Row 7: Sl st into end ch (always the same chain), *ch 110, sl st into end ch (always in the same chain),* repeat from * around for 6 more rows.

Fasten off leaving a long tail and wrap around the top about 20 times. Secure with a blunt needle and weave in end.


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