Easy Crochet beard Toddler-Adult

Easy Crochet Beard Toddler-Adult

This is the easiest crochet beard! After making many different beards I wanted to design a very simple pattern with a great result! You can make this within an hour! The beard is designed for the ends to slip over your ears so you can wear this with any hat you already have. Guaranteed fun and laughs but is also practical to wear skiing, snow blowing the driveway…anything outdoors! Also makes a great Santa beard in white for the holidays!



ch- chain

hk- hook

sc- single crochet

dc- double crochet

st(s)- stich(es)

sl st- slip stitch



For beard base: Any medium worsted weight yarn, I used Lion Brand’s Vannas Choice

For Beard: Any medium worsted weight yarn, I used Red Heart Symphony in “Sierra”

For Santa beard I used Bernat Pipsqueak bulky weight yarn.

F hook (small toddler)

G hook (toddler)

H hook (teen, small adult)

I hook (adult)


Ch 31

Row 1: Sc in second ch from the hk and each st across (30). Ch 14, sl st in first ch and fasten off (ear hoop).

Row 2: With bottom side facing up (other side of chains in first row) skip 6 sts, pull up a loop on the 7th st and ch 2, dc next 4 sts, ch 10 sts, skip 8 sts, dc next 5 sts and fasten off.

Ch 14 sts in end, sl st in first ch and fasten off (for other ear).

Weave in all ends.

For Beard:

Cut strands 38″ long for adult, 30″ long for toddler/child. Holding 3 strands together (2 strands together for bulky weight yarn), fold in half, pull up a loop along the bottom and top stitches of the beard (excluding the top of the mouth) and pull all strands through.

For top lip of mustache:

Cut 3 strands 57″ long. Holding strands together (2 strands for bulky weight yarn), fold in half, pull up a loop on the top right end of the lip of the mustache and slip stitch across. Weave end in and out of the beard, ending with the strands out and blend into beard.


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