Crochet Jewel Hat Beanie

Crochet Jewel Hat Beanie


Crochet Jewel Beanie


K Hook
Yarn: Lion Brand Vannas Choice or any worsted weight yarn (1 skein)
Blunt needle
Jewels (I bought mine at Michaels)
E 6000 glue


Hdc- half double crochet
Sc- single crochet
Sts- stitches
Ch- chain


Ch enough sts to measure 11”

Row 1: Hdc in back loops only in second ch from the hk and each st to end, ch 2, turn.

Row 2: Hdc in back loops only of each st across, ch 2, turn.

Repeat row 2 until piece measures 17”.

Fold piece in half and line up sts. Sc ends together through both loops. Bind of, weave in ends, then turn piece inside out.

Cut a long piece of yarn and thread through a blunt needle. Weave inside and out across the top of the hat (either end can be the top).

Turn inside out and pull ends together tightly. Blind off and weave in ends.

Pull up loop anywhere on the bottom, Ch 1 and sc evenly around (about 46 sts). Sl st and bind off, weave in ends.

Now the fun part!

Fold the bottom of the hat up 2” to form the cuff and glue on jewels! Arrange in any pattern/size/color, lots of room for creativity!

You’re done! Great job!


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