6 awesome ways to change color in crochet

6 awesome ways to change color in crochet

Changing color in crochet can be so frustrating! You want your project to look nice as possible without being able to tell where you changed the color right?

Sounds simple enough but when I first started out it was not so easy to find the perfect way to change colors without it being noticed.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the best techniques to make your projects look flawless when adding new colors.

Below is a round up of the best techniques that can do the job!


  1. Ashleigh from Sewrella.com has a great video tutorial to show you exactly how to change colors, especially when you are doing a lot of stripes.

2. Needlenoodles.com has a great tutorial (with video too!) on how to change colors in the round. This is a very helpful technique when changing color for hats!

3. Michael Sellick from allfreecrochet.com has a great video tutorial on how to change colors without using a knot in the technique. This is one I use all the time for my crochet projects.

4. June from PlanetJune.com shows 2 techniques that really give a perfect seamless color change when working in the round. Perfect for Amigurumi projects and hats!




5. Letscrochet.com shows you how to change colors without having any ends to weave in! This is a great technique to use to change color but also if you are at the end of a skein of yarn and need to add the same color to it to finish a project. No need for extra directions, the picture tutorial says it all.

6. Ashlea from Heart Hook Home has some great tips for changing colors of you are doing corner to corner crochet. She has a great video tutorial too!


All of these techniques have really helped me when it comes to changing color and I hope they will helps you too!

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